Sunday, 26 March 2017


This time I want to present you one of my favorite music bands!

Years&Years it is a quite young electronic British music band. They were founded in London in 2010. Orginally composed of five members: Mikey Goldsworthy, Emre Türkmen, Olly Alexander, Noel Leeman and Olivier Subria, but Leeman left the band in 2013. Their first single is called "I wish I knew" and was created in 2013 but it wasn't really famous. Later they made "Traps" and "Real", but they still weren't as popular as they wanted to be. The way to become popular opened to them their single called "Desire" which met a big interest from the audience. "Desire" achieved also 22nd position on the UK Singles Chart. And in this moment their career started. In 2015 they prepared their first album "Communion" with their the most famous single "King" (it was a number one on the UK Singles Chart). And now they are preparing a new album and for now we only know about first single from this CD named "Meteorite".
What I like in this music band is simply the ear-catching melody and interesting lyrics. They have some magic in their singles, sometimes I have some fun dancing to their music. I really appreciate when I have a moment to take a rest and I turn on my christmas lights or my candles and I listen to Years&Years - it gives me this special ambiance.

Here my favorite singles of Years&Years: