Sunday, 21 January 2018

TV host

I wrote already about Jimmy Fallon. And now this is the time for another TV host with who I love wasting my time (which I don’t have in fact) – Ellen DeGeneres. The idea of the show is similar to the Jimmy’s but for me Ellen do this better. She has hosted the show since 2003, so a lot of time passed, but she still didn’t get out of practice.

Frist of all, she is extremely charismatic. It is incredible what she can do with people. Her guest would do anything to be in her audience and play with one of her games which truly are really crazy, weird and unique. Watching them screaming, squeaking, bouncing and any others bizarre behaviors makes me feel that she the wizard with special powers. I admire her really good interaction with audience. She has a great sense of humor, she doesn’t hurt anyone. Her jokes are intelligent, even if they are prepared before the show by a group of people. She also has ridiculous games with celebrities and I still appreciate watching them looking dumb (by favorite game is 5 second rule).

But what I like the most about Ellen is her aid for people in need. She’s really passionate about helping everyone who needs. I saw an episode in which she helped a school where was nothing good (there was no heating and it was too small and the headmaster didn’t have money to make this situation better. She helped by her own, but also persuaded Justin Bieber to make a donation. I belive that she does all of this things because of good heart and only to increase her viewership.